Effective as of November 9, 2016

Welcome to the Surveya Global service (the “Service”). The following Refund Policy applies when viewing or using the Service via our website located at www.surveya.global or by accessing the Service through clicking on the application (“the App”) on your mobile device.

This refund policy applies to all Surveya Global customers. Please read the entire Refund Policy document carefully. By accessing or using the Service, you signify your agreement to this policy. If you do not agree to terms of this policy, you may not access and use the Service.

Once a payment has been made for a Surveya Global package, it is NOT refundable, except in the limited circumstances described in this policy.

  1. Failure to collect desired number of finished survey responses. If you have complied with the Surveya Global Terms of Use policy (found here: http://www.surveya.global/terms-of-
    ) and Surveya Global is unable to collect your desired number of completed survey responses within a reasonable timeframe (from the date on which your Surveya Global Survey started to Target Members), Surveya Global will issue you with a Pro Rata Refund at your request.

    This refund right is voided if you alter your Surveya Global survey in any way that has not been approved by Surveya Global after it has been reviewed by Surveya Global or deployed to Surveya Global survey respondents (including altering its questions or the configuration of the collectors used by Surveya Global).
  2. Cancellation or suspension of your Surveya Global package. If Surveya Global cancels or suspends your purchase without cause, Surveya Global will issue you a Pro Rata Refund.
  3. “Pro Rata Refund” means, in this policy, a refund of fees paid for a Surveya Global package, pro rated on the basis of the number of finished survey responses already provided to you, if any.